Hollie Tye

Hollie Tye, Abbotts Travel

I am the content manager at Abbotts Travel, helping to create our monthly website features, client blogs and managing our social media channels.

Abbotts Travel has been a part of my family long before I joined the team. With my mum being the shop’s Saturday girl (aged sixteen) and my brother joining for two weeks’ work experience almost three decades later, it’s no surprise I became a client.

Sophie assisted in ticking a dream off my bucket list in 2016, when she booked me on a nineteen-hour journey to see a panda in China. Out of the trip came a blog post and out of the blog post developed a job. The rest is history. 

Where I’ve Been

North America, Africa, Asia and all over Europe. I will soon be adding Australasia to the list. 

From backpacking across Italy in search of the best gelato, to riding a bush taxi in The Gambia with goats on the roof and a stranger’s baby on my lap, I’ve craved the adventure travel provides for as long as I can remember. 

Favourite Places

Salzburg in the winter, the Ionian Islands in the summer.


Ireland for road trips and Italy for being my ‘home away from home’. 


The Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi is still the most beautiful building I have ever laid eyes on. 


Yet Kenya takes the prize for stealing my heart – the warmth of the people, beauty of the landscape and sheer abundance of wildlife has left me wanting to return from the moment I left. 

Most Embarrassing Travel Experience?
I once misjudged the time it would take to get through security at Luton Airport. The ordeal resulted in me running through the terminal (without shoes), clutching my cabin case like a small child whilst the announcer called my name for the third time. It’s safe to say the looks I got from fellow passengers when boarding the plane will haunt me forever. 


Your One Luxury When You Travel?

Headphones. Music keeps me going during long layovers and never-ending queues for border control. 

Best Piece of Travel Advice?

Travel solo at least once in your life, you’ll meet more people than you ever thought possible.