Nicky Ives

Nicky Ives
Client Testimonials

Having worked at Abbotts straight from school and again a few years later, I am thrilled to re-join the team and resume my career in travel.  

I know things have changed but the fundamentals of providing great customer service and support to the office remain the same and I am looking forward to resuming learning, and speaking with clients and suppliers. 

Where I’ve Been

I love to travel and experience new places and cultures. I am fortunate to have quite a varied travel CV. 

I’m widely travelled across the Mediterranean countries and resorts; the south of France I found particularly stunning.  

I have enjoyed great cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Dublin and Marrakech and am a big fan of Italy, having experienced the south, Florence and the lakes. 

Further afield, I have been to South East Asia, the USA, New Zealand, Mauritius and the Caribbean. 

Favourite Places

Sicily is simply beautiful: the food is mouth-watering and the people are warm, friendly and stylish. 
I loved the excitement, glitz and glamour of Los Angeles, cruising around Hollywood in a Hummer was a bucket list tick for me and I have fond memories of experiencing the two extremes of a wonderful city like New York and all its sights in snowy winter and the height of summer.  

For the perfect European buzz, it has to be Barcelona, with the spectacular Sagrada Família and the beach in such close proximity.

For total relaxation, Mauritius – wonderful people and the botanical gardens are a must see. 

Most Embarrassing Travel Experience?
My first holiday abroad at 18 when I left my handbag on the transfer bus and arrived in my room to find I had no key to my case, no passport and no money. After a desperate call to the transfer company, they kindly brought my bag with everything still in tact – I have never left my bag again.

Your One Luxury When You Travel?
I can’t get it down to less than three! I can’t choose between a high factor face cream, sunglasses and a camera. 

Best Piece of Travel Advice?

Enjoy every moment and always try to turn your travel dreams into reality.