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Client Blog: Oceania Cruises

Marilyn, Anne and Michael are regular clients and quite the seasoned travel reporters. Following their fabulous previous experience, they re-booked with Oceania to board the Riviera for a tour of the Mediterranean Pathways, starting and ending in Rome via France and Spain. Judging by this review, they will be re-dialling soon…


​‘Thank you for arranging our fantastic cruise. It has certainly spoilt us for any other cruise operators as Oceania will take some beating! Everything about the cruise was excellent. The Penthouse Suite we booked for the three of us was exactly right - enough room for us all to move about, and having a ‘walk-in’ wardrobe was fantastic. The standard of service was as excellent as last year. The quality of the food and the beautiful way it was served on every part of the ship was 5* to 6*. The tea they served every day (we managed it twice) was like having afternoon tea at The Ritz. Very special. The attention to detail and the friendliness of the crew is first class. The organisation and assistance given when docking or anchoring at the different destinations is wonderful. For our party in particular, one of the best points was the informality. No formal evenings, so no need for dinner suits or evening dresses. Although there was a dress code for all the restaurants, it was casual. We spoke to many cruise veterans from America, England, Australia and Holland and the consensus was that Oceania was the best. Quite a few people we spoke to had done back-to-back cruises. Many destinations were memorable. Highlights included Puccini’s birthplace of Lucca; the beautiful exclusive Portofini and Monte Carlo, the spectacular scenery of Amalfi, and the two-tiered stain glass of the cathedral at Palma de Mallorca. Once again thanks to you and Abbotts for all your assistance. Keep up the good work!

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