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Client Blog: Gloria Golf Resort, Belek, Turkey - A half-pint Hemingway reports

Jet is 10 years old and likes to travel. He's told us about Turkey once before, so we thought it worth asking if he would mind reporting on his second visit…


My Great Uncle Stephen drove us to Gatwick Airport in his taxi. We stayed at the Premier Inn for the night because it was really late.

The next morning we had to get up at 4:30am because our flight was at 7:00am, and we had to get onto the plane for 3 hours and 26 minutes.

Whoooo! We had just arrived in Turkey, and it was very hot. So we got in the mini bus and drove to Gloria Golf Resort.

It was great we could see the water slides and the swimming pools. We were now in our room for the week and it was amazing, there was a balcony and a mini-bar and lots more.

The slides were amazing and the swimming pools were so big and cool. There were eight different slides, and we made Dad go on the fastest, he was so scared.

There were brilliant table tennis tables that I played on for ages and a darts club at which Dad won a competition and this was where we met Rafe and Georgia. They came from Hertfordshire. Rafe was my friend and Georgia was my sister Matty’s and we played with our water grenade thing with them in the pool and had races.

The food was amazing too, there was lots of different types of food, from all over the world. I liked the Gloria pub [editor's note: first a mini-bar, now a pub. Watch this child] where you could have lunch, waffles, ice creams and kiddie cocktails called Robin Hoods and Shirley Temples.

The staff were fab too especially Bulent and Muhammed, the Galatasaray fan.

When we went to the beach we swam in the sea, played on the trampolines and jumped off the jetty into the warmest sea ever.

We enjoyed playing some good games like Dobble, Sussed and our Owzthat cricket tournament. We went back to the airport in a very nice minibus which we had all to ourselves.

And that probably wraps up our holiday! Thanks Julian, it was a very good choice.

Jet (aged 10)

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