Meet Georgina, she couldn’t be keener

My name is Georgina Stuchfield. I am currently studying Travel and Tourism Level 3 extended diploma course at Epping Forest College. My course requires one week’s work experience within the travel and tourism industry. I decided to take part in my work experience within a travel agency here at Abbotts Travel.

I have really enjoyed my time working here and I have gained a lot of knowledge about the travel agency environment.

I have helped to find flights and accommodation for certain destinations and I even got the chance to book a holiday for one of Julie's clients with the help of Alexis. I have also learnt how to check-in passengers online and print boarding passes ready to be collected by the clients. Also I have learnt basic information about how to use the software Galileo and Dolphin that the travel agents use.

Everyone at Abbotts Travel is really friendly and has made me feel really comfortable during my time here. The girls have helped assist me when I needed help or advice in the tasks that I was given.

I have really enjoyed working here and I can definitely see myself working within the travel industry when I finish my course in May 2016.

During my work experience, I have realised that I definitely want to work within the travel industry and possibly within a travel agency. I have learnt that the job is very interesting and that there is always something to do when working as a travel agent. I would also love to go travelling when I finish college as there are so many destinations that I want to go to that I haven’t visited yet.