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Client Blog: La Paz, Baja California

We had some clients who travelled in February to do some whale watching followed by relaxation in Baja California.

It was an ambitious trip that we organised with our friends at Veloso, and as this lovely report from Tina and Les shows, that with the exception of Christine not packing her camera charger, it was a success…

“Well, having returned from Mexico, La Paz (near the southern tip of Baja California) and Los Cabos I cannot praise our guide José enough.

We travelled 2,250km in five long days but we saw so much in such a short time.

José was so passionate about the place he lived. We learnt about and saw so much of beautiful La Paz as well as seeing the whales, which were our reason for visiting.

During those five days we also visited: Loreto, Mulege (including the city of Santa Rosalia), the town of Guerrero Negro, the palm oasis town San Ignacio and the Coronado Islands.

The whale watching was so wonderful we had two trips. On one trip we saw lots of mother and baby whales around us with only our small boat for miles.

The next trip we were all by ourselves again and then a mother whale under the boat was jumping up and down in front of us – just amazing.

We stayed in La Paz overlooking the bay at the Costabaja Resort & Spa and La Mision Loreto both beautiful hotels. We went to carnival in La Paz and because of José we ate lovely food at local restaurants too. We recommend Los Cabos and Flora’s Field Kitchen in particular is a must-see.

On the way to Los Cabos we went to Todos Santos and saw the lovely town and had a lovely lunch at the Hotel California then went for a lovely rest at the all-inclusive Marquis Los Cabos Resort & Spa for seven days.

The beauty – and the whales – will be in our hearts for ever.”

Tina and Les

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