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Staff Blog: Spring Luxpo 2016, The Savoy

Danny Sperling at the Spring Luxpo 2016 at the Savoy

Could I be Sharron for the day? That, as they say, is a big ask.

I put it to the test at Luxpo 2016. This was launched by ttgluxury to give agents and suppliers the chance to meet one-to-one at London's iconic Savoy.

Think of intense speed dating in a plush function room and you will get the idea.

It’s one of the things we believe makes a major difference and proves the value of a good travel agent: the special relationships formed across the trade that help us ensure the very best opportunities for you, our clients.

And believe me Sharron Roat is very good at this.

My invite came from ttgluxury's editor April Hutchinson, and follows Abbotts' recent triumph at the industry's awards.

What followed were 25 back-to-back, eight-minute meetings with luxury suppliers and brands across a mix of accommodations, destinations, aviation companies, cruise and operators. Hardcore.

Tables were numbered 1-25 and everyone moved round in a chain. I was conscious of not holding up the person behind (bad etiquette) and the end of each meeting was signalled by a klaxon.

So, fuelled by a couple of cups of coffee (it began at 8:45am) and armed with business cards, notebook, my vocal chords and copies of the new Essex Central magazine, I had been drawn at number 6.

It was extremely valuable and a great event. It was pretty much split down the middle between those companies we know well and those we established direct contact with for the first time.

I always feel so proud to represent Abbotts Travel, our fantastic team and senior management ensure we have a terrific reputation, proven by the warm welcomes I received.

It was enjoyable to catch up with several associates from companies like ITC Classics, Oceania Cruises, Uniworld River Cruises, Shangri-La, Lux, Unna Resorts and Banyan Tree.

I must not forget several who have been part of previous events and features we have run – take a bow Max from Club Centuria, Susan from Capella Resorts and Theresa from High Life Marketing.

Making new acquaintances was equally enjoyable. I had the chance to introduce some new companies with whom we would like to work in future. I was extremely impressed with the tourism teams from New Zealand and the hidden gem that is the South Tyrol.

A delicious, highly appreciated lunch was provided for all before the Ultratravel forum took place in the afternoon.

Thanks to April and Kate from TTG, and to all I had the pleasure of meeting with and talking to.

Danny Sperling

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