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Sea For Yourself: Cruise Holidays on The Rise

Watersports aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise ship

Unlike the submarine industry – which is always taking a dive – demand for cruise holidays is soaring.

We are seeing a big rise for them here at Abbotts and there are some enticing offers from cruise operators in response.

It’s a trend that has been building for some time. This could be because of the huge range of destinations and types of holiday, but also because it represents value for money and a secure option in turbulent times.

Whether you’re a solo traveller, couple or family on a cruise you will never be bored. There is a package to suit all markets.

Ships are getting bigger and bigger with more facilities. Royal Caribbean, for example, is great for families. Their Harmony of the Seas made its maiden voyage on May 2016. It holds 5479 passengers and has a 3D movie theatre, zip line, carousel, water slides and ice-skating rink.

Julie and I visited its sister ship, Navigator Of The Seas where a similar level of facilities were available. West End shows, great food and kids' clubs (from 6 months to 17 years of age) are attractive options for families.

The more mature client may be better suited to the smaller ships such as our client favourites Oceania or Azamara. These are more like 5-star floating hotels with high quality dining and entertainment.

River cruising is a wonderful experience. We are also seeing an increase in themed experiences such as food and wine speciality cruises (next month we will focus on two from Uniworld).

Operators are throwing in some fabulous offers like all-inclusive packages or money to spend on board. With the current instability of currencies this means peace of mind.

You can find an introduction to some of our preferred operators in our new Inspire Me section. We are also in frequent contact with the major players, and their latest offers arrive daily.

Please contact us if you are interested in receiving them or to make an appointment to book your own adventure on the seas.

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