Welcome Back: A Friend Returns

Sharron Roat in 2015

Update January 2017: Sharron is increasing the number of days in the office, kicking off our year in the best way possible.

It has been a strange old year, and for us, that was never truer than in April.

It was then we were named as London's Top Travel Agency.

And it was then that Sharron was taken ill.

Technically, she's the manager. Actually, she's the rock.

There has been a lengthy spell on the subs' bench for her. During that time, a huge amount of correspondence and good wishes illustrated just how much she was missed, and every message was a massive help to her and her family.

Sharron's getting gradually stronger thanks to a major rehabilitation programme, and she's even visited us a few times over recent weeks.

From early next month she'll be returning to work, starting one or two days a week.

Spread the word, and have a peek at why she means the world to us.