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Ilka and Xisco from Saint Fransec, Mallorca, with a biscuit-chomping Sharron

Sharron's had enough of GPs to last a lifetime, but this one's different.

GP Associates represent some fantastic properties around the world, and we've been working with them for some time.

This is their annual bash bringing exhibitors under one roof in London's 1 Whitehall Place for a “meet & greet” event named Hotelopoly.

I worked my way around the board in the company of a legendary networker – so good to have her back - and it was touching to see her so warmly greeted by industry folk.

In addition to catching up with people and places we know, we met several new ones that we are keen to work with and introduce to you.

Look out for forthcoming pieces on the Myconian Collection of luxury resorts in Mykonos, Greece, the boutique Hotel Sant Francesc in Palma, Mallorca, the stylish Das Stue in Berlin and the stunning Rosa Alpina in the Dolomites amongst others.

And a tip of the hat to our trusted friends at some of our favourite properties featured in our Inspire Me collection: the Danai Beach Resort in Halkidiki, the Finca Cortesin in Marbella from our Short Breaks selection, plus Tuscany's Castello Di Casole and L’Andana.

The award for brightest, smiliest exhibitor of the day went to Candice from Terre Blanche (below), whose stand was resplendent with yellow Mimosa flowers, in celebration no doubt of their inclusion in the forthcoming Abbotts Travel Golf Collection.

Candice from Terre Blanche (left) with Sharron

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