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Review: Schofield's South African Adventure, ITV1

Phillip Schofield's holiday snaps

Many years have passed since he bantered with a stuffed toy, and now Phillip Schofield gets the grown-up gigs.

Along with wife Steph, he's touring South Africa (just in time for our Showcase Evening and our current Experience of the Month).

Their journey begins with Cape Town, where they dived straight into the local culture. Literally.

Cage diving – something on Phillip's bucket list – was on the menu and they got to see a great white shark up close before returning to land and witnessing some amazing landscapes.

From there it was off to the top of Table Mountain and the secrets of the wildlife at its peak. From the summit you can see Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was incarcerated and Phillip shares the inspiration that kept Mandela’s hope alive.

He then plays daredevil by heading down the mountain via the world’s highest commercial abseil before tasting the wine at South Africa’s oldest vineyard. So old it’s even mentioned in Sense and Sensibility.

The whole thing evokes memories of Joanna Lumley's Japan, and sees ITV carving out a niche in the celebrity-led travel show market.

There's one episode left – to be broadcast Friday 10 March, 8pm on ITV1, with the series also available online.

If you'd like to copy the Schofield's route (or create your own adventure) please do get in touch.

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