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Introducing Ross Spurgeon, golf coach

Our membership to the Redbridge chapter of Business Network International (BNI), means we have access to over 90 local companies. We don’t just book holidays, we recommend photographers, personal trainers, videographers , designers and reliable electricians as well. It’s all part of the service. This month we’re introducing Ross Spurgeon, a PGA golf coach based at Golf Kingdom, Chadwell Heath.

Ross, once an aspiring playing professional, three-time Essex captain, England Boys Team 2005 and multiple amateur tournament winner, has been coaching for almost five years.

Who inspired him? He got to where he is through hard work and dedication but he had a sponsor (anonymous) who was probably his most inspirational figure, although his golfing hero is Tiger Woods.

From juniors to seniors and beginners to elite players, Ross is comfortable training any ability.

“My passion now is coaching. There is no better feeling than helping someone achieve their goals and I get a buzz out of helping young players who share the same enthusiasm about the game. “Golf is a fairly complex game and people are often put off by its difficulty, but anyone who wants to can improve and it’s the job of the PGA professional to get this message across and grow the game going forward.”

For more information or to book a lesson, get in touch for an introduction.

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