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Julian's travel diaries: New Zealand & Nepal

For me, one of the many positive things that have come from the lockdown are some wonderful personal reminders I have noted whilst ‘virtually’ travelling around the world bringing people home and trying to reschedule plans for many others.

I feel extremely fortunate to have worked in this industry for almost 40 years and have had the privilege to experience some memorable trips to most corners of the globe.

I wanted to reach out and share some of my trips (and old photos!) with you whilst we stay safe in our homes. They may not be on your radar or current bucket lists but they may give you some inspiration for brighter days ahead.

New Zealand

New Zealand is one of my favourites and I was fortunate enough to spend some time travelling around in a motorhome, which is certainly the best way to experience this wonderfully scenic country.

There are so many highlights but if pressed to choose just a selection of my favourite experiences in NZ, they would certainly include:

  • the Milford Trek ( Milford Sound)

  • Queenstown, where I was lucky (or unlucky) enough to bungee jump at the infamous Skippers Canyon

  • trekking Fox’s Glacier after a helicopter journey to get there

  • whale watching and swimming with the dolphins at Kaikoura

  • spending time at the beautiful Abel Tasman National Park.


Another favourite destination I was reminded of was Nepal. Like New Zealand, this is a special place, particularly for those who love the outdoors.

I would highly recommend spending a few days in the capital, Kathmandu, which is a fascinating and vibrant city.

For the more adventurous, I would highly recommend doing a trek. You don’t have to be an experienced climber to enjoy the incredible views of Everest or the incredibly warm hospitality of locals living in the tiny villages that are scattered along many of the routes.

It’s an amazing privilege to watch your guides and porters prepare a deliciously wholesome meal by the side of a path on just a little stove, not to mention the way they are able to navigate the routes whilst carrying heavy equipment.

You can partially white-water raft from Kathmandu to Pokara (the starting point for most treks) which is an incredible experience for those seeking a bit of extra excitement.

I would also recommend taking in a safari at Chitwan National Park to complete an amazing adventure.

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