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Rose Derham

Rose has retired from Abbotts Travel after many years, starting as a travel consultant. She took over all the administration for the busy office in 1994.

Rose dealt with everything to do with the back office including if you need to pay for your holiday over the phone, request an invoice or chase travel tickets.

Where I’ve Been
I grew up in Singapore and have travelled widely on holiday, most recently to Tenerife, but widely in Europe and the United States as well.

Favourite Places
It's a long list of cities: Venice, New York and Rome. In fact I could expand that to practically everywhere in Italy. I also love Brittany, Boston, and Fort Lauderdale.

Most Embarrassing Travel Experience?
Having to walk the through the hotel foyer covered in volcanic dust and with haystack hair after a Vespa ride up to Mount Vesuvius and back.

Your One Luxury When You Travel?
Hair straighteners.

Best Piece of Travel Advice?
Don’t leave it till the day before travel to find your passport and check that it’s valid!

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