Pousadas de Portugal

September 6, 2016


When praising Portugal, we always think of the 'three Cs': climate, cuisine and culture.


It has them all. So when you visit, best consult the experts. That's why we've joined forces with Pestana Group.


They have decades of experience and they manage the Pousadas de Portugal – Monument & Historic Hotels network consisting of castles, palaces, monasteries and convents – something more than just hotels.


Their 34 properties, dotted from north to south, represent the diversity of Portugal, from the oldest wine region in the world to iconic locations on the coast and interior, and on to vibrant Lisbon, gorgeous Alentejo and the sumptuous, sunny Algarve.


From medieval banquets, filled with traditional cuisine, to distinctive natural landscapes, the experience of staying in Pousadas de Portugal will take you on a journey through time, with all the comforts and luxuries of modern life.


Following our own Danny’s stay in two of the pousadas, we asked if they would create an experience just for Abbotts Travel. They agreed, giving us a 10-night adventure to immerse you in the beauty of a European jewel. 



Please note this is just a suggested self-drive route, and we will work with you to plan any Portuguese journey of your choice. 


Pousada Monastery of Amares (1 night)


Like many of the properties in this list, the monastery is a member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World. It dates to the 12th Century, and has been restored with such care and flair that it won the Pritker Prize, the architectural Oscars. Close to the National Park of Peneda Gerês, and the city of Braga. 


Pousada Monastery of Guimarães (2 nights)

A recent European City of Culture, Guimarães is known as the 'Cradle of Portugal', birthplace of kings and a place of fascination. Explore it from a place of tranquillity, a Medieval building painstakingly restored and crammed with modern comforts, 49 rooms and 2 suites.


Pousada Monastery of Crato (1 night)

A national gothic monument, this gorgeous space transports you back to the beginning of the nation itself. It's a stunning mix of structures - Manueline style church, Gothic castle court and Renaissance Convent – with 24 rooms and a very big reputation.


Pousada Convent of Évora (2 nights)

Founded in 1485, this is the former Monastery of S. João Evangelista, home to the Lóios friars. Each of its 36 rooms has their own character and contemporary interior design, while the restaurant offers refined gastronomy. It's an ideal base to discover Évora, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with roots back to the Romans.