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Christine Unwin

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I am a Travel Consultant at Abbotts Travel. I've travelled extensively, and am an expert on long-haul holiday destinations, having worked in the travel industry for sixteen years.

Where I’ve Been

USA; San Francisco, Florida, Hawaii, Thailand, Australia, Bali, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, China, Jamaica, Malta, Kos, Spain; Costa Dorada and Majorca.

Favourite Places

All good for different reasons, USA for the varied experiences. Thailand/Malaysia and Sri Lanka for the people, Bali, Australia and Jamaica for the relaxed way of life, Singapore for the cleanliness, China for the way that they have such a different lifestyle and the experiences that you could only have there (Pandas in Chengdu and the Great Wall).

Best Travel Experience?
I've had some amazing experiences from zip wiring in Singapore and Las Vegas to white water rafting in Sri Lanka (which should be called brown water rafting as all their rivers are brown) Loved flying over the Great Barrier Reef in a helicopter, Thai boxing in Thailand and having a private show in Las Vegas with Bruno Mars and Lady Gaga (not the real ones).

Your One Luxury When You Travel?
A case on wheels as I am unable to pack light!

Best Piece of Travel Advice?

When you are travelling if you really want to do an excursion when away then pre-book it to make sure that you get to do it.

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