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Travel Checklist

Got your passport? Tickets? Youngest child?


It's easy to skip something when travelling, so we hope this alternative checklist helps.


Have we forgotten something? Please send your suggestions to

He’s offering 25p to the dollar. Rip off or real bargain?

Exchange rates changes daily, so best consult the web, or download an app such as those offered by XE:

Ah, a £900 phone bill. How did that happen?
Ensure that your smartphone’s roaming facility is switched off. If not, you can rack up massive charges for data usage abroad. A step-by-step guide for the most popular devices is available courtesy of O2.

But I need to get online to check the football scores and send some emails...

No problem. Just enable wi-fi on your smartphone and find a hotspot instead.

I need to put Abbotts Travel's contact details on my phone
Easy. Please call 020 8989 9445 or email

Passport? I sorted that years ago...
Which means it could be running out. Check the expiry date well in advance of departure, and renew it if necessary. It can take up to six weeks to process.

Break a leg!
It has two meanings, but only one is positive. Best be prepared for the other, and ensure you have comprehensive, appropriate insurance to cover health problems or loss of possessions. If you need guidance, or the name of reliable travel insurance companies, please get in touch.

What happens if I have my passport or possessions stolen?
Contact the relevant British Consulate - you can find a list of all worldwide embassies and consulates here.

Why is that nice policeman waving at us?
Could be because you’re driving on the wrong side of the road. Check the road travel regulations and advice for your destination.

I’ve got a charger for every device I’m taking. Please make it stop.
OK. We use the Powermonkey Classic, which comes with universal travel adaptor and a number of adaptors to fit mobiles, MP3 players, Micro USB devices and more. The company has options for every budget and there are plenty of alternative suppliers.

Is my destination safe?
The Foreign and Commonwealth Office provides Britons with travel advice which is both up-to-date and indispensable. Just select your destination.

Can you help with airport parking ?
Of course. We offer preferential rates for airport parking - you can book today. Please call 020 8989 9445 if you need further help.

I don’t need a visa, do I?
Please check the entry requirements for the country you are visiting. We’re happy to advise and assist with this.

I accidentally insulted my hosts. How?
Cultural differences can lead to miscommunication. Advance research - or a good guidebook - are advisable. We are happy to help you find more information.

Can I pack my extensive collection of heavy things?
You might want to consult the baggage limits for your airline first or ask us to confirm your allowance.

Why don’t people speak English here?
As we say in England, c’est la vie. Knowing a few simple words and phrases in the language of the country you visit can reap rewards, impress the natives and help you understand the host culture. A quick search online will locate the resources you need.

Why do they keep snatching my shampoo at the airport?
It’s not personal.  The rules on taking liquids, creams, gels, pastes and aerosols limit you to 100ml containers or less in your hand luggage. The details are here and will be strictly enforced at any British airport. You can take full size bottles and containers with you in the luggage which you check-in and is stored in the hold.

How early should I arrive at the airport?
For most flights, especially international journeys, we advise arriving two hours prior to departure. Check-in and security procedures can delay you, and that’s before you’ve visited Duty Free.

But my flight is at daft o’clock – I might as well not go to bed...
An early start could justify an airport hotel sleepover. Abbotts has access to discounts on rooms and airport lounges, so you skip the stress before you go.

Do I need jabs?
Possibly. It depends on your destination - the NHS provides details for many locations, together with updated news and links to further resources. Our team can also help with your enquiries.

I’m soaked, not suntanned. Gutted.
We’ve been there. Digital technology won’t keep you dry, but it can help you prepare. Apps like Swackett for the iPhone, The Weather Channel for Android, and BeWeather for BlackBerry offer advance global forecasts which might influence the items you pack.

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