Danny Sperling

I am the Business Development Manager at Abbotts Travel. I also oversee the company’s website, social media and online newsletter.

I help organise the client nights and the monthly training sessions, and I'm always impressed by the focus on what our clients need. I should know because I was one, making the move to the team in 2012.

Where I’ve Been

I’ve been lucky in visiting a lot of the world both on business and pleasure. I like to try to combine my love of sport and music with my travels.

I totally believe travel enriches your life experiences and provides real education.


Meeting people in new places and new cultures means that I never stop learning.

Favourite Places

Australia has it all: sun and glorious beaches but also a dramatic vastness and cities that offer experiences for all. Sydney has to be the greatest diverse city in the world, Melbourne for sport and music, Perth for its beaches, brightness, remoteness and the odd winery, Adelaide for its charm and character, Cairns for adventure and much of the rest of the country to simply enjoy some space.

New Zealand is as good as outdoor life can get, and it's shared with warm, friendly, hospitable people.

Rome is gorgeous. Culture, lifestyle, food and people. I’m a big fan of Italy, full stop.

Rio has beautiful people and scenery, a unique energy and a contrast between poverty and wealth that I find astonishing.

For the Family holiday, Gloria Golf in Turkey provides the perfect all-inclusive experience, so my children love it; and we fell in love with Sri Lanka which was wonderful for an incredible, adventurous family experience.


Barbados and Jamaica, wonderful places for relaxation – sunshine, beaches, people and a chilled approach to everything - plus great places to watch cricket.


Lisbon for a great city break.

Most Embarrassing Travel Experience?
Dysentery in Koh Samui, only four days into a year-long world trip. Wasn’t pleasant.

Your One Luxury When You Travel?
Tough call between my computer or my phone. I can’t seem to function properly without either.

Best Piece of Travel Advice?
Respect and try to connect with the place you are visiting and its people – doing a bit of homework before you arrive always pays off. Oh, and don’t forget your travel plug/ adaptor.