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Julian Abbott


I am the managing director of Abbotts Travel and have been in the business since 1981. I love communicating my passion for travelling to my clients which is why I think we have continued to be successful and maintained a very loyal clientele.


We pride ourselves on our service and attention to detail, staying up to date in a sector that changes daily, and creating an environment in which our staff and clients feel comfortable and cared for.

This quote best captures my thoughts:

"I always wonder why birds stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on Earth. And then I ask myself the same question."

Where I’ve Been
Most of Europe, the Far East and Australasia, the Indian Ocean, the Caribbean, Africa, India, the Middle East and Asia.

I mustn't omit the South Pacific, plus North and South America.

I’ve cruised in the Med, backpacked through France and done Yoga in India, and enjoyed an adventure in Machu Picchu.

I love skiing and snowboarding, trekking and water sports – in fact anything involving water or snow! For slower pace and relaxation, Mauritius with the family ticks all the boxes.  

Favourite Places
India, for the temples, palaces and general enlightenment of the senses; Nepal, for the trekking, white water rafting and the hurly burly of Katmandu; New Zealand, for the outdoor life, beautiful mountain scenery and laid back lifestyle. I have run marathons in various cities of the world and am able to offer advice to anyone wishing to do the same.

Got to mention Club Med skiing holidays, which I've enjoyed with and without the family.

Most Embarrassing Travel Experience?
My broken case going round the luggage carousel, with three weeks of dirty clothing tumbling out.

Your One Luxury When You Travel?
Have to choose my headphones. Essential. They're grafted on.

Best Piece of Travel Advice?
Always respect local customs, and don’t be afraid to take on new experiences.

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