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Natalie Fox

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Since I was young, my biggest passion has been travelling, experiencing different cultures, people and exploring both on and off the beaten track.

After university, I wanted to travel more so I joined Emirates and lived in Dubai before embarking on adventures that have taken me around the globe.

I've had some fantastic experiences and want to pass on my knowledge and enthusiasm.


I joined Abbotts Travel in 2022 and look forward to helping people find and book their perfect holidays.

Where I’ve Been

I've travelled extensively for both work and pleasure, ​and have visited much of Europe, Africa and Asia.


I've also been lucky to have lived in Dubai, Sydney, Melbourne, New York and Boston, as well as a number of European and Australian ski resorts.


Travel is in my DNA, and I can't wait to explore new places.  

Favourite Places

It's difficult to narrow down as so many are special to me.

I love the Cook Islands, a pure authentic and unspoilt paradise and not (yet!) overpopulated with tourists. It has stunning white beaches, rainforest, lagoons, coral reef, mountains, great food and lovely people.

New Zealand is also unique with its stunning landscape and incredible adventures on both North and South islands that include white water rafting, sky diving, canyon swinging, glacier climbing and many more.

Asia is impossible to choose a single destination with so many incredible places from Thailand and its islands to China, Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia. 

The US has so much to offer, and I am fascinated by the diversity of the different States. 

Experiencing the Northern Lights in Iceland was incredible. As well as many activities and spectacular drives, it is truly unique.

Most Embarrassing Travel Experience?

On an island tour in Mexico, a storm had just passed and the water was hard to see in. I went in thinking I may see a Manta Ray until a big nose popped out in front of me which was of course a manatee. 

Your One Luxury When You Travel?

Has to be a lovely massage or spa treatment.

Best Piece of Travel Advice?

Always do some advance research.

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