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Experience of the Month: Galapagos Islands' Expedition

Galapagos Islands' Expedition

It's the place where the secrets of life were unlocked.

The Galapagos Islands are an archipelago of tiny volcanic islands in the Pacific Ocean, lying 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador. The islands have been designated both a national park and a biological marine reserve in order to protect the species of wildlife, sea-life and vegetation, and which make it a top destination for naturalists and nature lovers. Charles Darwin surveyed four islands back in 1835 and his findings – that mockingbirds and tortoises differed from island to island – helped form the backbone of his theory of natural selection in evolution.

Spread over 3,093 square miles, the Galapagos have an incredibly small population, a little over 26,000. For those used to the patterns of urban British life, the differences could not be starker. This is a place to marvel at the depth and diversity of the natural world and build memories that will last a lifetime.

Galapagos Islands' Expedition

Who is it for?

A Galapagos Cruise is ideal for anyone who is interested in the natural world; birdwatchers will enjoy being able to get up close to many large sea-birds such as Frigates, Albatrosses and Blue- and Red-footed Boobies. There is also ample opportunity to swim or snorkel, paddle and sea-kayak, and walk around on the islands. Each day will usually include at least two excursions, plenty to keep active passengers entertained.

The cruises are also suitable for children, with some departures designated as family departures. These feature special children’s meals, games and activities designed for that age group, and some yachts even have a special children’s director. Where to stay?

The Eric, Letty and Flamingo I Cruisers are three sister motor-yachts, which take a maximum of 20 passengers each. Each yacht has 10 comfortable cabins over 3 decks.

The cabins are fully air-conditioned and have private facilities with hot and cold showers, soap and shampoo dispensers and hair dryer, as well as fresh towels. Interiors are of polished teak wood with a dining room, bar and lounge area with TV, VCR and book/video library. There is also a sun deck on top of the yacht with seating and both shaded and unshaded areas. Each boat has a crew of 9 plus 2 naturalist guides.

The yachts offer two 7-night itineraries depending on your departure date. Many other cruise options are available, as well as land based accommodation.

What's included?

Our 9-night package includes:

  • Flights from UK in economy

  • 2 nights accommodation in Quito, Ecuador, with a tour of the Colonial City

  • Flights to the Galapagos Islands

  • All meals are included aboard the cruise, as well as soft drink and house wine with dinner.

  • Daily excursions with an English-speaking naturalist guide

What does it cost?

This package with the Eric, Letty & Flamingo will cost in the region of £4250 per person, subject to availability.

Galapagos Islands' Expedition

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