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Casa Camper, Barcelona

Casa Camper, Barcelona

Casa Camper Barcelona is a design hotel located in the multicultural heart of the city, full of galleries, bars, restaurants and a brief walk from Plaza Cataluña. The building, a typical 19th-century gothic tenement now stands as one of Spain's premier boutique hotels.

The philosophy here is that luxury lays in simplicity, discretion, authenticity, healthy life and in understanding aesthetics as culture, as a source of inner satisfaction. Ultimately a simpler, more human and more respectful way to relate to the world.

This commitment to the environment is reflected in the water management. A water recycling system cleans shower and bath water purely biomechanically and produces water that is re-used in the toilet. Water consumption is lowered by up to 50%, contributing towards the conservation of a precious natural resource.

The hotel uses solar energy for water heating, and encourages the use of clean transportation systems such as public transport, walking or our bicycles.

Casa Camper Barcelona's boutique accommodation offers the choice of 30 rooms and 10 hotel suites. Each room is decorated in a minimalist style, while not compromising on comfort. Some rooms offer two spaces separated by a corridor: the bedroom which faces a vertical hanging garden and an additional room, the ‘mini-lounge', with a second flat screen TV, a hammock, a sofa, a working table, and a balcony onto the street, so you can indulge in some people-watching.

“Every hotel in the world need to be refurbished and reinvigorated after its first few years. It is about being committed to quality” – explained co-creator Fernando Amat.

The hotel's recent upgrade, talking it from 25 to 40 rooms, has not sacrificed comfort. Luxury can be found in the amount of space and in those small details that make our lives easier: every new room measures an average of 40 square meters with separate bath and shower areas, a 2x2m bed, and three balconies with views.

Others integrate both spaces in one same area with views to the old city district. This undoubtedly adds an extra dimension to hotel living, creating the perfect work or rest space after a hard day's sightseeing.

The revamped roof terrace has also doubled in size. There is now double space and even more views over the city, with its wonderful contrast of architecture and the silhouette of Montjuïc Mountain in the background. This is a spot with real Mediterranean flavour.

It’s the perfect place to sunbathe, enjoy the unique refresh area, read, rest, take a siesta or treat yourself to an al fresco drink from the honesty bar.

The "Tentempié" is an exclusive service for our guests that substitutes the usual minibar in the rooms. This is an open permanent buffet that serves a fresh selection of sandwiches, salads, soups, fresh sliced fruit, desserts, snacks, soft drinks, juices, waters, coffee and tea. This service is complimentary and available 24 hours for guests!

Casa Camper, Barcelona

The hotel's restaurant, Dos Palillos Barcelona, has been awarded a Michelin Star. It's run by Albert Raurich, former chef de cuisine at the world famous El Bulli. Dos Palillos offers authentic Asian dishes served in the Spanish tapas style.

The Dos Billares Bar is a unique and exclusive space where comfort, games and jazz merge with a carefully selected list of cocktails.

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