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Hotel Giardino Lago, Locarno, Switzerland‎

Hotel Giardino Lago, Locarno, Switzerland‎

A gem on the shores of Lago Maggiore, Giardino Lago is blissfully relaxed – a heavenly escape for the modern traveller. Quality of living, sustainability and friendly service underpin the concept and the image of this personal retreat.

The boutique hotel forgoes convention and stars, but plays up intimacy with 14 individually designed rooms and one suite that invite to dream and relax.

The restaurant Lago combines a laid-back atmosphere with striking architecture and breath-taking views of Lake Maggiore, which invites you for a run along its shores, or to paddle across its waters on a paddle board. Swimming is also an option. The Giardino Lago is the little sister property to the Giardino Ascona.

It is a place for individualists.

Its 15 rooms and suites are simple and charming, with white and turquoise dominating the colour scheme.

The terrace is the best place to enjoy an aperitif, as well as Executive Chef Stefan Zaugg's finest dishes. His creations are as fresh and light as the hotel itself and are influenced by the proximity to Italy. Risotto with garden herb pesto, sautéed king prawns and maggia pepper are all featured on the menu.

Vegetarians can enjoy a variety of tapas and meat eaters will be in for a treat: only the best parts of Irish and Black Angus beef are cooked in the infrared oven. The oven heats up to 800C leaving the inside of the beef juicy and tender and the outside deliciously crisp.

When the sun hides behind the mountains and the lake sleeps, head up to the Roof Lounge where chill-out music floats from the speakers into the evening air. To sip a cocktail here on a mild summer night, to smoke shisha and chat with friends, makes for an unforgettable experience.

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