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Behind the Scenes: Danai Beach Resort & Villas

The view from a suite at Danai Beach Resorts

Our friends at GP Associates visited one of our favourite places – Danai Beach Resort & Villas in Halkidiki, Greece. This wonderful destination is a partner of ours, and we have recommended it in the past.

Its owner, Kimon Riefenstahl, had time to answer three questions from them, which we reprint here because they give an indication of how far Kimon and the team go to ensure special memories.

Q: What is the most outrageous thing you have been asked to organise for a guest?

A: We had a guest staying with his family in a villa. He also booked the adjacent villa for his girlfriend without his wife knowing anything about it. It was an intense week with all staff on high alert to ensure that nothing was delivered to the wrong villa! We had to be extremely careful…

Q: What is the most romantic thing you have done for a guest?

A: One gentleman wanted to propose to his girlfriend. He left EVERYTHING to us; it actually ended up being a surprise for both of them!

We asked the man all about their preferences and whisked them away by private yacht to a nearby deserted beach. We had prepared a beautiful setting with sunbeds, umbrellas and a pop-up bar just for them.

In the meantime, we had asked him to select an outfit for each of them for the evening and placed them in a closet on the private beach.

Private dining on the beach

After they had enjoyed the sea and the drinks, we showed them to their bath that we had prepared filled with candles and flowers right there on the beach!

A private spa treatment followed. Then, with the sun setting in the background, we asked them to dress for dinner. The lady looked a little puzzled as she only had her bikini, but quickly cheered up when she was led round to a closet with the outfit selected by her boyfriend!

We had set up a romantic candlelit dinner accompanied by a grand piano and pianist. During the dinner, an opera singer serenaded the couple. As the gentleman got down on one knee, the staff were discreetly on hand to hear the ecstatic “YES!”, which was our cue to release the fireworks!

Aerial view of the Halkidiki paradise

What is your favourite activity to organise at Danai Beach?

A: We call it “Energy Day”. Staff from the beach, the bar and the restaurants all have unique and crazy hairstyles. Guests are also offered to have their hair styled in some weird and wacky way! All day we offer energy fruit drinks, this day really is something that our guests love. It is just a way for everyone to relax and have fun in a light-hearted way!

Visit Danai Beach Resort for yourself – we have some brilliant offers for Autumn 2016. To take advantage, please contact the team.


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