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Guest Blog: Travel Adventures in Branson With Pure Excitement, Missouri

Shepherd of the Hills experience in Branson, Missouri

Our latest guest blogger, April, contacted us to spotlight adventure and adrenaline-rush travel, an increasingly popular option.

We asked if she would enlighten our thrill-seekers about a destination they may not be so familiar with: Branson, in the American state of Missouri. She duly obliged...

Branson might have made its name as a family-friendly tourist spot, but it has slowly developed into a versatile destination. In particular, it is now the go-to option for adventure travellers. If you seek excitement, book your next trip to America's Midwest.

Try the Outlaw Run in Silver Dollar City

If you are looking for excitement in the form of daring rides, then head to Silver Dollar City so you can try the Outlaw Run. This roller coaster is notorious for its many twists and turns that will take your breath away – literally! Even roller coaster fans will be screaming at the top of their lungs in this wooden coaster. Some of the most notable parts of the roller coaster ride are the three upside twists and double-barrel roll.

Zip Over the Shepherd of the Hills

One of the things that had made Branson popular with tourists is its natural beauty. Strategically located at the foot of the Ozark Mountains, you have several stunning views to enjoy. However, you won’t be able to see the best views from sea level. Thus, taking a zip ride over the Shepherd of the Hills will give you a bird’s eye view of the entire area (as pictured). Just make sure you don’t have a fear of heights as the ride will give you quite a fright.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

If zip lining over the Ozark Mountains is not enough, then try riding a hot air balloon instead. There are companies offering balloon rides over the valleys, lakes and sights above Branson. You can book a hot air balloon ride any time of the week, concluding with a champagne ceremony. It is not an inexpensive tour but it is worth it.

Flyboard Experience

Table Rock Lake is popular with tourists and locals alike. One of the reasons for its popularity is the vast array of activities and attractions. One of them is the Flyboard. This hover board ride is the newest attraction in Table Rock Lake. Experience what it's like to fly above the water as the board is propelled by jets of water. You are sure to have tons of fun.

Try the Ejection Seat

Aside from the famous Outlaw Run ride in Silver Dollar City, this is another must-try for adventure seekers in Branson. You will find this ride right along the Branson Strip. The ride works like a giant slingshot wherein you will be tossed 175 feet into the air. Gravity will pull you back down and then bounce around into the air. This ride might only take a few seconds but it will leave your heart pounding. It is important to warn you ahead: this ride isn't for the weak of heart! Would you dare?

April is an online publisher for The Cabins at Grand Mountain in Branson, MO. She often writes about camping, Midwest travelling, and log cabin experiences.

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