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View Tube:  Travel TV Round-Up

Tonsai Beach, Krabi, South Thailand

For those who, like us, enjoy travel-related television, times are good.

The BBC's Thailand: Earth’s Tropical Paradise explored the wildlife and culture of this tropical nation.

We were shown many examples of the connection between humans and nature in this beautiful country, firstly in the south of the country, a popular tourist destination for Westerners, then to the central forests, fertile plains and even city streets in the bustling region known as the rice bowl, where nature finds a way of living alongside people in some magical places.

We finished in mysterious Northern Thailand, an area dominated by mountains and cloaked in forests that hide ancient creatures and surprising partnerships, where survival relies on both the wildlife and people maintaining harmony.

Some of the imagery and camera work is breathtaking and it whets the appetite for wanting to experience this beautiful country. Watch it on iPlayer within the next fortnight, before it disappears.

Levison Wood, host of Channel 4's Walking The Americas

A very different but equally absorbing documentary on Channel Four follows explorer Levison Wood on an incredible journey Walking The Americas.

The host and his companion Alberto trek 1800 miles across Central America from Mexico to Colombia, through fascinating, beautiful and diverse regions, meeting people everywhere from violent cities to the deep jungle.

Having avoided escaped convicts and poisonous trees in Mexico and Belize, the hurricane-hit island of San Pedro and Guatemala's lawless wilderness of El Petén, last week we saw them reach Honduras.

This week it was beautiful Nicaragua and Costa Rica, through beautiful landscapes and colonial cities, climbing a stunning active volcano and mountain, navigating deadly highways along the way and meeting local fishermen and resilient migrants.

The final stretch of their adventure will see them visit the Panama Canal and modern Panama City, encountering indigenous tribespeople and tackling the world's most perilous stretch of jungle as their journey ends in South America. You can join them online at All 4.

Many of the wonderful places featured in these programmes are becoming more accessible as destinations and experience trips. Talk to us for details.

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