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Preview: Joanna Lumley's India

Joanna Lumley

It's a good list, British celebs born in India.

A partial call of the register: Julie Christie, Cliff Richard, George Orwell, Spike Milligan and, of course, Joanna Lumley.

The Ab Fab star was born in Srinagar as the sun set on the British Empire, and has become a TV traveller of late, visiting Japan in her previous series.

Her current journey runs the length and breadth of India, beginning in Tamil Nadu - on the southern tip of the subcontinent - and works her way up to the north.

She travels over 5,000 miles, exploring its diverse landscapes, different cultural traditions, and extraordinary spirit.

In the first episode, Lumley witnesses religious ceremonies in temples, learns how scientists are enabling people in tea plantations to live alongside wild elephants and with the help of computers is turned into a multi-limbed Indian goddess.

In Kolkata, Joanna takes to the streets at night with a local guide and meets members of India's transgender community.

Later in the series she journeys high into the Himalayas to visit Gangtok in Sikkim, where her mother grew up.

Tune in to Joanna Lumley's India on Wednesday 5 July, 9pm on ITV, then on catch-up for a limited time.


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