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End of term report

Danny and Carly with a class at St Anthony’s Primary School

Following our successful visit to St Anthony’s Primary School in Woodford Green a couple of years ago, we were delighted to accept an invitation from Miss Garnett to help plan a lesson for her year 1 group.

Carly and I arrived, amidst much excitement from the children, armed with brochures and an array of pens, notebooks and prizes.

We prepared an interactive session, using print-outs of continents, flags and visual clues as well as a selection of the different types of holidays that we could discuss.

Once we had been introduced to the class, we gave them an overview of the role of a travel agent, presented our recently won TTG trophy and conducted a fabulous Q&A on holiday types, from skiing to safaris and the delights of trips closer to home in the UK & Ireland.

We then split the class into groups of six, with a bunch of props and materials to complete a quiz, which included identifying and locating several world landmarks.

We had great fun and the kids did very well, concluding with us all regrouping to check answers and chat about what they had learned, some of their comments can be found on the school’s account of our visit.

Their endless enthusiasm and positivity ensured they were each rewarded with something from our goody selection and we set them an additional task to complete at home with their parents. We look forward to rewarding the best entries with a special prize.

Thank you to all the children and teachers for making us feel so welcome, being so receptive and providing a thoroughly enjoyable experience.


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