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"Just wanted to tell you how amazing The Hari was on Saturday night" - Sanjay Patel

Just wanted to tell you how amazing The Hari was on Saturday night.

I’d rate the hotel as one of the best hotels to stay in as regards location but particularly the design, service and food were outstanding. The bed was the most comfortable we’ve slept in and the room design high quality.

The restaurants ranks amongst the better Italian restaurants in London, think Locatelli. And the service from every member of their team was exceptional.

We got a complimentary drink on arrival, a bottle of bubbles, a glass of bubbles at dinner and aperitif afterwards also. The cocktail waiter was outstanding, a real artist. You can tell how popular the hotel is when you see how trendy the guests are. The bar/ restaurant is a destination in itself.

There’s no doubt we’ll be returning as we won’t want to stay anywhere else.

Even when I said I needed to get a train and leave quickly, they had our bags and coats in a cab and made sure I didn’t have to stay to check out slowly.

All in all, highly recommended! Thanks to you guys for another great experience.


Sanjay Patel


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