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"I know I will always get a first-rate service" - Kieran Paynter, Kieran Knight Consulting

I have dealt with Julian, at Abbotts Travel, for the last 20 years. Over the years, Julian has booked my holidays away with friends, our honeymoon, family holidays and business trips. Across all these different types of holidays/ trips, Julian has always been able to give friendly, educated advice on the various destinations, that he felt would be best suited to our requirements; and he has never got it wrong. Once the holiday has been booked, Julian is always on hand to help with any advice, paperwork, or issues that we may have faced with flights. To sum up, the reason I have only dealt with Julian over the last 20 years is because I know I will always get a first-rate service, backed up by his extensive knowledge of destinations, accommodation and travel, that can only be amassed by his years of experience in the industry.

Kieran Paynter

Kieran Knight Consulting

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