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Introducing Claire Robinson, personal trainer

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Representing over 90 high quality local companies, we’ve got a reliable contact for anything you require.

This month we’re introducing a personal trainer, because it’s definitely what we need after all that yule log we ate this Christmas.

Claire Robinson has been a trainer in Loughton for the past five years, helping tone and strengthen clients to reach the best versions of themselves. She also specialises in posture correction and pre and post natal training.

She said: “I think as trainers it’s very easy for us to come up with a training plan to help a client lose weight or get fit, but it’s important to explore how they became overweight or unfit in the first place. Without knowing how you got there, you can’t develop a strategy to not go back.

“My passion is that every adult male and female should be lifting weights, it’s the only way to change your body shape, correct your posture and strengthen your bones. I aim to make my sessions fun but challenging and they are usually a combination of interval and resistance training. It’s not always about training longer and harder, but training smarter.

“I would say that I achieve my results by working on every part of my client’s life, not only focusing on weights and diet but also looking at mindset and personal circumstances. I train both the body and mind, getting to know my clients personally and tailoring my sessions to one that works for them.”

Our own Danny, who recently started training with Claire, couldn’t agree more. “Against all my preconceived ideas about personal training at a gym, I am really enjoying it,” said Danny. “Claire understood what level I was at and found a great balance for me to build my core, giving much-needed support to my back, and push myself to get fitter and stronger (whilst having fun too).”

Claire trains at the TQR Gym in Loughton, which is near the town centre and easy to reach via public transport, giving you priority access to state-of-the-art equipment.

Claire has kindly offered a free taster session for Abbotts Travel clients. If you would like to enquire about making a booking, contact us and we will put you in touch personally.

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