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"The calm way you deal with everything instils confidence" - Trudy

​Hi Julie

When reading the latest newsletter, I saw a section of customers' comments. I would like to add our own, so would be grateful if you could pass this to whoever deals with your website. This is on behalf of both Julia and me.

Thank you so much for your patience in organising our main holiday for this year. We must have driven you crazy with so many changes and you dealt with it all with a smile.

Thanks too for booking my flights for the short hop over to France - can never get to grips with that particular website. More thanks too, for dealing with our flight refund last year, following the 6 hour delay when flying to Krakow.

It is always a pleasure to come into the shop - you and your colleagues are so helpful. The calm way you deal with everything instils confidence in this, quite often, concerned customer! I spread the word to all and sundry!

Many thanks again Julie.

Best regards,


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