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TTG Toolkit: Making the headlines, TTG Magazine

Abbotts Travel recently featured in an article in weekly travel industry magazine, Travel Trade Gazette (TTG), about working with local newspapers to attract customers...


Essex-based Abbotts Travel recognises the benefits of media coverage. Business development manager Danny Sperling and content manager Hollie Tye both write for various local magazines on behalf of the agency.

“Essex Central Magazine approached us four years ago wanting to advertise with us, so I suggested adding value to their content with a feature every month,” explains Sperling.

The agency now writes a monthly feature, either based on a destination or an experience.

Sperling says the opportunity “opened the door to several other publications”, including high-end publication West Essex Life and trendy magazine E1ife, both of which have demographics that Abbotts was keen to target.

The agency also receives regular coverage in the magazines for its showcase events, which it runs alongside suppliers.


Turning over a new leaf, TTG Magazine

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