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Introducing Richard Wintle, carpet and upholstery cleaner

Richard Wintle

Each month we introduce you to one of our fellow members of the Redbridge chapter of Business Network International (BNI). It means we’re well connected and able to offer recommendations for a variety of reliable services.

When you come into the shop or speak to us to book your next dream holiday, we can also recommend an ironing parlour and dry cleaner, a curtain and blinds specialist, signwriters or a mobile car valet service.

Have a look through some of our featured associates here.

Our newest inductee is certainly confident in his own ability, claiming to be “probably the best carpet and upholstery cleaner in the world”.

Arwin Cleaning Services
Arwin Cleaning Services

We therefore had to try out his services and booked an appointment with Richard’s company, Arwin Cleaning Services. We were so delighted with the results that we recommended them to our associates at Chigwell Golf Club.

Being a thoroughly nice chap, supporting the right football team and running a family business all added to Richard’s credentials. We asked him about his professional background and how the company evolved:

Arwin Cleaning Services was established in 1979 after my father (Alan) took voluntary redundancy from an accounts job. My mum (Jackie) was working as a cleaner at the time at a local company. She asked to take over the contract as the contractor was never seen, the governor agreed and A(Alan) R(Richard) WIN (Win-tle) was born. My dad’s middle name is Richard and mum (as well as being super modest) didn’t feel JARWIN sounded as good.

I joined the business in 1988 (aged 18) and later completed a City and Guilds qualification in Supervisory Management, which enabled me to become a member of The British Institute of Cleaning Science at Hackney College. I took over the running of Arwin in 1996.

We are now an established business working predominantly in and around Essex and East London. I have one full-time employee and several part-time staff, including my father (now aged 83) who still does the book work.

Offering great value for money, we have an excellent service record, retaining the majority of our clients who in turn recommend out services - which is why BNI works so well for us.

Arwin Cleaning Services

Using the most up-to-date equipment - a truck mount extraction system - we have come a long way since my dad personally sign wrote our first blue van.

All enquiries for carpet and upholstery work, both commercial and domestic, are welcome. We also work with hard floors, floor stripping and resealing.”

Richard can be reached on 020 8508 8471 or 07973 417 764 or by email at:

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