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"Thank you, Julie! It all worked a treat in Australia and NZ! - Geoffrey & Rosemary

Dear Julie,

We're so sorry - it's four months since we returned from our wonderful trip to New Zealand and Australia, and we've not written to say "Thank You" for putting together all the truly excellent travel arrangements. Seeing the piece about you in this month's West Essex Life pricked our consciences and reminded us of our omission!

So, Julie, THANK YOU! It all worked a treat! Obviously, we had some quite long days travelling, but no jet lag! None at all! Brilliant... always travel west! The Hilton at Los Angeles Airport was just fine, the shuttle to and from worked well, and our stay there was very comfortable. It must be a nightmare for the passengers who are flying straight to NZ on flight NZ001, because they have to disembark at LAX, and go through immigration, baggage collection and customs, before checking in again and re-boarding. We were so pleased not to have to do that!

All the flights worked brilliantly. So did the other accommodations. The apartment at the Cambridge Hotel in Surry Hills, Sydney was really very good. Well appointed, well laid out, roomy and comfortable. Surry Hills is a bit "edgy", but well connected for local transport, easy to get to Circular Quay. We met a young cousin on the first night, and chose to eat in the Italian restaurant attached to the Cambridge; it was excellent. Our four days in Sydney went just too quickly, but we caught up with friends and relatives there, took in Taronga Zoo by ferry and cable car, walked across the Bridge, visited Manly by ferry, and saw the Australian National Opera production of Turandot at the Sydney Opera House. Perfect!

You'd saved the best till last! We had no idea that it was such a short stroll from Changi Airport to the Changi Crowne Plaza! Off the plane and into our room!! What a brilliant hotel! We had a stunning room, and, not wanting a meal when we arrived, enjoyed a really good snack in the bar. Next time (?!?) we might have to have two nights there, just to enjoy all the hotel's facilities and restaurant!

Our whole vacation was truly memorable, and we very much enjoyed the time with Rosemary's three cousins in New Zealand and her two cousins in Australia. The North and South Island itineraries that the NZ cousins had put together, and the places we stayed, were awesome! We are very conscious that the main reason why it all worked out so well was because of your care, your customer focus, your knowledge and your attention to detail. So, thank you, dear Julie, thank you for doing so much to make it happen smoothly, comfortably and (most importantly)... stress free!

With all good wishes,

Geoffrey & Rosemary Wolfson

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