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Christine joins Abbotts Travel

Welcome newsletter:

We are delighted to welcome Christine to the Abbotts team.

Christine has travelled extensively, and is an expert on long haul holiday destinations, having worked in the travel industry for 16 years.

She has visited many destinations including the USA; San Francisco, Florida, Hawaii, Thailand, Australia, Bali, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, China, Jamaica, Malta, Kos, Spain; Costa Dorada and Majorca.

“I am really enjoying meeting a loyal client base at Abbotts. It’s so nice to build a rapport with people and get to know clients in order to help them and book their holidays.

I’ve lived in Essex all my life with my extended family and have gained so many brilliant experiences and memories through travel.

My travel motto would be to ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway!’.

I enjoy activities from so-called ‘white’ water rafting in Sri Lanka, fantastic and exhilarating (should be called brown water rafting as all their rivers are brown) to thrill-seeking zip wires in Singapore and Las Vegas.

Seize the opportunity to try new experiences while you’re in a new place.

Befriend the locals for great insider info and local knowledge in unknown places. I recommend the open-top bus tours to explore new cities. I’ve also learnt from experience to dress appropriately when visiting churches and temples!

Places I’ve visited are all great for different reasons: USA for the varied experiences. Thailand, Malaysia and Sri Lanka for the people, Bali, Australia and Jamaica for the relaxed way of life, Singapore for the cleanliness, China for how they have such a different lifestyle and the experiences that you could only have there, like the Pandas in Chengdu and the Great Wall.

I had an amazing time in Australia: driving along the beach, visiting Fraser Island and a wonderful helicopter ride flying over the Great Barrier Reef. Florida is fantastic for family holidays, the kids absolutely love Orlando.

New Orleans is next on my wish list as I can’t wait to see the deep south on a fly drive holiday. My advice is if you really want to do an excursion, then pre-book it to ensure that you get to do it, or even better, ask us at Abbotts Travel to do it for you!”

Christine’s hobbies include gym, reading, dog walking, excursions with the grandchildren. Food wise, she’ll try anything, particularly when travelling.


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