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"Why we choose Abbotts Travel" – Cathy

I can clearly remember the first time I walked into Abbotts Travel with my mum in 2011.

All the girls on the counter were busy with groups of people sitting around them. There was one man on his own, at the desk at the end of the shop with no one around him, as if no one wanted to go to him. I must admit to thinking to myself – “why is he alone? But hey, let’s see if he’s any good.”

Well, we were greatly impressed. It was so refreshing to find someone who listened to our requirements and then actually took the time and care to show us various options, explaining their pros and cons.

After reviewing our choices in our own time and never feeling rushed or pressured, we booked our holiday without any hesitation, leaving the shop absolutely delighted and excited.

The man was Julian Abbott and ten years down the line, the rest is history.

He is amazing. Always reliable, we know we can place our trust in him to provide us with the best holiday “package” to suit all our needs. A true professional who totally knows his business.

Recently, whilst abroad, we experienced unexpected changes to our schedule. We immediately called Julian, and everything was sorted – flights, boarding cards, hotel... promptly and efficiently, taking the stress and worry away from us.

He instils the same ethics and principles in his staff, who are all very professional, friendly and attentive. Hence, we remain loyal and long-term customers, confident in the knowledge that Julian will always do his utmost to deliver for us no matter what, when and where we ask.

Cathy Francis


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