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Sharron Roat

I've been in travel since 1978, and with Abbotts since 1994. I now manage the team. Travel is such a great education – there is so much to learn, and I hope to make that possible for all of us.

Relationships are crucial and it's a very social industry, with a lot of networking. Making connections means we can continue to offer our clients the best of everything.

Where I’ve Been
Many trips to the USA, Canada, Caribbean, Far East, Middle East, Philippines, Indian Ocean and all over Europe.

I travel for pleasure but also love discovering new places and new hotels for our clients on familiarisation trips with hotel inspections and visits. These are a very special privilege.

This means I have developed a real rapport with hotel managers around the world, which often translates into them going the extra mile for the people we serve.

Favourite Places
Riccione, Italy. A destination since childhood. I took my own family there too and we still visit. It is a typically Italian resort with a great beach, lovely food (great ice cream!), good shopping and a very warm welcome.

Mauritius, for its gorgeous beaches and gentle, relaxed atmosphere.

Muscat. A great destination with a majestic mountainous backdrop combined with the Arabian sea. A fantastic holiday with a perfect balance of beach and culture.

As for the West Coast of America, I have to single out California. I love everything about it.

Most Embarrassing Travel Experience?
Getting up too quickly from a sunbed and forgetting I had undone my bikini top to avoid tan lines.

Your One Luxury When You Travel?
A good book. I never get time to read at home.

Best Piece of Travel Advice?
Get a good travel agent! Every holiday you book is precious, your time is valuable and each place you visit creates a lifetime of memories.

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