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Glory Days: A Torrent of Testimonials

Bruce Springsteen must feel like this every day. It's hard to verbalise the glow on George Lane when we were named as London's Top Travel Agency, but that's been outshone by something else: the response.

Then the emails began to appear.

"I trust it was bubbly all round in the office," said one of our great clients, John, who has obviously never been to a bar with Julian.

Derek and Pam insisted it "reflects the constantly high level of service you give your clients."

We piggybacked on Leicester City with the news, saying it was a victory against the odds. "Outsiders?" said a great email from Jarek, "No way!"

Lynn and Steve were lovely, saying, "It is very well deserved. We think very highly of the way you operate. You are simply the best!"

Fran and Jeff also had us blushing when they wrote, "We could not agree more - you are by far the very best travel agency and agents we have ever used wherever we have lived. May you long continue to shine."

Thanks so much to everyone who took time to get in touch. It means a lot.

The last words go to Robert and Lynda, who said we were, "Not only a top travel agent but one with top class girls on the desk, Rose in the back office is also a star. Let's not forget Julian looks good in a tie."

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