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Blog - Why The Best Hotels

Julie with Claudio Delli from Why The Best Hotels and Victoria Whatley from JG Collection

Claudio Delli and Victoria Whatley (pictured centre and right) dropped in recently.

Victoria is from JG Collection, with whom we have worked for years.

In the UK she represents a group called Why The Best Hotels (WtB), of which Claudio is Managing Director. They have 7 hotels located in Florence and Venice, with a new one opening in Rome very soon.

They were kind enough to tell us about three superb properties, which we think you will like.

The view from a bedroom at L’Orologio, Florence

L’Orologio, Florence

Horology is the art of making clocks and watches, and it's the theme of L’Orologio.

This 58-room hotel dedicates each floor to a prestigious watch brand: Rolex, Vacheron-Constantin or Patek Philippe, and each room is dedicated to a particular model, with paintings and pictures that artistically depict the watch.

The interior design has attention to detail: a wide and fascinating sensory experience involving sight and smell, and the importance of materials like leather, parchment paper, dark brass and woods recalling the colours and scents of tobacco.

It's a place you'll want to spend time in.

There is a second L'Orologio in Venice, situated in a wonderful location on the Grand Canal, close to the famous Rialto bridge and 5 minutes’ walk from St Mark’s Square.

The hotel features typically Venetian materials, colours and finishes, such as Istrian stone and cocciopesto, and marries these with luxury aesthetics.

Santa Maria Novella, Florence

Santa Maria Novella, Florence

Located steps away from Florence central train station, the Santa Maria Novella Hotel opens its windows onto the piazza with the same name, and has exclusive glances of Santa Maria Novella Cathedral.

This 71-room and suite hotel is a marvellous collection of history, art and culture dating back to the nineteenth century with the name of Hotel Nazionale, a stop for businessmen and artists from all over the world.

Today, the Santa Maria Novella Hotel is with no doubt the most chic address in Florence from which to visit the city.

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