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On The Links: A partnership with Chigwell Golf Club

A recreational space at Chigwell Golf Club

We are proud and delighted to announce our new business partnership with the prestigious Chigwell Golf Club.

The links are not just commercial, but personal. Julian Abbotts' father is a former club captain, and we have dealt with the business and holiday travel of many club members over the years.

We were approached this summer to join a select number of other partners, whom the club felt had the standards and quality they sought.

Needless to say we were very flattered and we look forward to working with them.

The partnership is mutual. The club’s members will receive exclusive benefits when booking their travel with us, along with unique opportunities with selected partner resorts and access to our growing network of associated hotels both in the UK and globally for personal and business requirements.

We receive access to the club’s fantastic hosting facilities where we intend to house future Abbotts Travel client evenings and travel presentations for club members and our own invited clients.

We will announce the first of these early in the New Year.

If your business wants to host golf days or events, or you would like information about club membership or facilities, please let us know.

Chigwell Golf Club

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