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Welcome to Rachel

We are delighted to welcome Rachel to the Abbotts Travel team. She has recently joined us as an experienced Travel Consultant and has settled in immediately to our George Lane store.

Rachel has travelled extensively, and is an expert on many destinations, having worked in the travel industry for over 30 years. She has visited: Maldives, Kenya, Florida, Singapore, Malaysia, Malta, Dubai, Singapore, St Lucia, Antigua, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Egypt, Croatia, France and Italy.

"I've come full circle as I did my first ever work experience role for Abbotts Travel as a teenager in Loughton... I then worked at an independent travel agency, then as a manager for a large multiple travel company for 13 years before moving on to another independent agency for 8 years.

It's great to be back, I am really enjoying working here - every day is different as a Travel Consultant and each enquiry is unique with new destinations.

My hobbies include running, gym, swimming, reading, cooking, socialising with friends and spending time with my family. My favourite food is Italian and l love a good home-cooked meal.

My travel motto would be to take the opportunity to make as many memories as possible. My advice is if you want to see as much of the world as possible whilst staying in luxury, book a cruise holiday."

You can find out more about Rachel on her profile page.


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