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Oops... we did it again

TTG Top 50 trophies for best London agency 2016 and 2017.

We know how Barcelona must have felt.

This one's right up there with the great long-odds victories.

We have been crowned Top Travel Agency in London. Again.

Last year's award was a surprise, but we have no words after being told we retained the trophy last night.

Strong competition meant we were chuffed just to have made the shortlist, but our name was there on the envelope (assuming this wasn't another Oscars-style calamity).

It's extra special because this time Sharron was there to share it.

She was there with Danny for the lap of honour in the company of Julian, who was last seen clinging to a Campari and begging the band for a Bee Gees' medley.

Thanks to you all, far and wide, for your support.

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