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Harry Potter & The Overexcited Imps

Warwick Davis and friends

Our good friends at the fantastic Gloria Hotels & Resorts kindly invited us and some of our clients to an exclusive VIP event they were hosting at Warner Bros Studios in Hertfordshire.

What a treat for Potter fans, young and old (and middle aged). A private tour of the Harry Potter film set with an exclusive breakfast in the Hogwarts Great Hall to boot.

Our guests met and mingled with Gloria staff & famous celebrities and the children were treated to a bunch of wonderful surprises too.

The day is best summed up by the youngsters themselves and their pictures. Thanks to Gloria for a terrific day and experience.

  • “I loved the broom stick ride and meeting Warwick Davis, it was brilliant” – Lois, 9

  • "What a top day. The tour was fantastic. The best was having breakfast in the Great Hall, meeting Warwick Davis and getting a free wand ! Thanks Gloria & Abbotts." – Jet, 12

Matty, Jet and a steam engine

  • "I loved visiting Harry Potter World. My favourite parts were meeting Warwick Davis (I had no idea he would be there) and getting our wands for FREE ! I had an awesome time, thanks a lot Julian, Sharron, Ozlem and Gloria." – Matty, 10

  • "I loved flying on the broomstick and getting my picture done . I also loved my wand I got to take home." India, 7

  • "My favourite moment was meeting Warwick Davis and having my picture with him . I loved my Professor Dumbledore wand." Louis, 10

Tickets please

  • "I loved the whole thing as we were behind the set and I got to see how the films were created . The costumes were amazing. I felt like I was part of the magic." Oliver 11

  • "My favourite part of a great day was seeing the Hogwarts model where the filming was done." Byron, 8

  • "I couldn’t believe we got a Harry Potter wand as a present." Sofia, 6

Mick Jaggers strays onto the set

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