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Abbotts Travel: The Movie

Julian Abbott from Abbotts Travel

While shooting Apocalypse Now, Francis Ford Coppola contended with typhoons, tantrums, civil war, mutiny and malaria.

He had it easy.

We’ve been making a film explaining who we are and what we do. It’s taken time, but now it’s ready, thanks to the efforts of the tireless Robert Robinson from Reel VIP.

Robert Robinson from Reel VIP

This Hainault Hitchcock is the videographer who oversaw the project, working with our ridiculous schedules, constant requests and unreasonable deadlines to create something great.

Whether we achieved this or not is in the eye of the viewer. We hope you like it. Please do share it for us and yes we do have the out-takes.

Danny Sperling from Abbotts Travel

We will leave you to speculate as to who was first to swear on film, who obsessed about how their neck looked, who was the biggest bag of nerves and who sulked when told we couldn’t stretch to on screen make-up (sorry Danny).

Rose Derham from Abbotts Travel

Some of us wanted to call it Kuoni Live Twice; others considered Flight Club. In the end we settled on Abbotts Travel: The Movie.


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