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Client blog: Hard Rock Hotel, Tenerife with my Dad

We’re always on the lookout for good reporters and it turns out one of our best is only 10 years old. We sent Lois on a holiday of a lifetime with her Dad. Luckily for us, she kept a detailed journal of all their adventures. Here’s how it went:

Wednesday April 4 I woke up early today because I was super excited to be going to Tenerife with my Dad. We arrived at the airport and after a little shop and some lunch it was time to get on the plane. We played hangman and other games on the flight and it didn’t seem long before we were there. We arrived at the hotel and after dinner I went to bed.

Thursday April 5 I was awake early again today but I didn’t wake Dad until 8am. After we packed our bag we went for breakfast and I enjoyed a meal of bacon, eggs and some fruit. Then it was straight to the pool, where I got a float and played for more than two hours. I had a nice Caesar salad for lunch and Dad had a prawn salad. I wanted to go back to the first pool so we played together before heading back to our room (the sun was very hot). After dinner we played some games and I went to bed as I was very tired.

Friday 6 April Today I went to a magic show, which was fantastic. In the afternoon I sadly burst my pizza lilo but then we met two girls called Lily and Ella who I had lots of fun with. We played a game where we got to push each other into the pool.

Saturday 7 April Although we were expecting rain it was another sunny day. After an early breakfast we visited the beach club pool. I met a girl called Megan and we quickly became friends and played together all morning. In the afternoon I went to mini golf with Megan and our Dads. Her Dad won and bought us all ice creams.

Sunday 8 April On Sunday my tooth fell out before breakfast and I spent the day with Megan in the pool. We went to golf again, where I got a hole-in-one, before spying on a couple kissing! Before dinner we went to the sky bar and met Megan and her parents for some sushi.

Monday 9 April This morning I woke up to a £10 note from the tooth fairy – I couldn’t believe my eyes. Dad packed our bags and we met Megan for breakfast before spending our last day playing in the pool together. Dad paid the bill and got some snacks for the journey home, before we said goodbye to our new friends. We played some games on the flight back to England and before long we were home.

I had a really good time – thanks to my Dad and Jo from the Hard Rock Hotel who helped us with our holiday.

Lois, aged 10

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