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From weddingmoons to babymoons, here's our take on the latest honeymoon trends

Sigh-worthy honeymoon destinations have long been desired for newlywed couples looking to absorb their new reality… marriage that is. But the landscape of honeymoons is changing, with more and more couples looking for an adapted version of a classic getaway: from weddingmoons to minimoons, and buddymoons that see the whole tribe coming along too.

As Charlotte Flach from the Travel Trade Gazette says, “Today’s customers are looking for so much more, whether that involves bringing the kids along or embarking on an epic, extended adventure.”

Here are some of our favourite destinations for today’s honeymooners...



Weddingmoons in the Seychelles

Extended trips that allow couples to tie the knot and enjoy a honeymoon in one. Not only does it combine the cost and help save money, but it also means a holiday for your nearest and dearest.

A weddingmoon doesn’t necessarily mean one destination - many people opt for a trip that sees them jetting to one island to wed, before jetting to a second to relax and soak up the excitement for a little longer.

Our top pick: The Seychelles.

Achingly beautiful scenery, over 100 islands, sublime beaches and ultra exclusive resorts, Seychelles is a haven for romance.



Adventuremoons in South Africa

For those that aren’t happy to lie on a beach all day, adventure-mooning may be the way. From guided hikes to local wildlife-watching, there is certainly a trend in honeymooners who want to get out and about.

Those seeking adventure should consider South Africa. Ask most people to define an African holiday and they will immediately think safari, and with good reason.

A safari provides the essence of this fascinating country, but it is far from being the only attraction. From the glorious natural beauty of the Garden Route, to whale watching and diving with sharks. South Africa oozes adventure.



Familymoons in Thailand

Why leave the kids at home when they can join in too? At least that’s what a growing number of couples seem to think. With today’s generation choosing to get married later in life, after starting a family, being surrounded by loved ones is becoming a top priority.

We suggest either Thailand or Sri Lanka, both popular family-destinations with Abbotts Travel clients.

Thailand is home to one of our favourite experiences: Elephant Hills. Combining the idea of African safari with the Thai tropical rainforest, the whole family can experience luxury camping in the jungle alongside the beautiful four-legged residents.

Sri Lanka is home to endless beaches, fascinating culture, and beautiful people whose greatest value is family.



Buddymoons in Ibiza

If “the more the merrier” mentality comes to mind when planning your honeymoon, you’ve joined the trend of buddymoons - opting to invite friends along for the ride. More popular with younger couples, as well as those choosing to get married abroad, guests often make a wedding their main holiday and book additional days either side, making the most of their annual leave and travel budgets.

Our favourite: Ibiza.

Steer your mind away from the partying and excess which used to be its watchwood, this Balearic island has moved from its clubby roots to the most exclusive, sophisticated luxury destination.

Our suggestion is to stick with the Palladium Hotel Group, who have experience and a love of quality we admire.



Minimoons in Florence

There is method behind the madness. Think of a shorter, post-wedding break - somewhere a little closer to home - before embarking on an extended adventure at a later date. Not only giving couples a chance to save funds, but also making sure the timing is perfect for both a wedding at home and a dream honeymoon abroad. Besides, why have one honeymoon when you could have two?

The choices are endless for minimoons closer to home. The wild island of Mykonos has up to 300 days of sunshine a year and a legendary reputation of luxurious hotels alongside crystal clear waters.

While cities like Venice and Florence are only a short, two-hour flight away and provide the quiet, romantic charm a honeymoon deserves.

Where to stay? Castello di Casole, a five-star marriage of resort and residences, which has both style and romance.



Babymoons in Montenegro

That oh-so-important getaway before the arrival of a new addition to the family. Centred around rest and relaxation, with a focus on cuisine to curb those pregnancy cravings. It’s important to know the safest time to travel during your pregnancy, as well as the health and safety requirements for the country you’re visiting.

Book with a travel agent to ensure you get the best advice when opting for a babymoon. When timed well during your pregnancy, a trip to Montenegro could be the perfect choice. A hotspot for health tourism, shelled between the waters of the Adriatic Sea and Montenegrin mountains, covered with white rocks and lit by the Mediterranean sun, Montenegro is a European oasis where you can rest to the soft sound of the waves.


Whatever trend you’re looking to follow, we’ll fly you to the moon and back with a perfect tailor-made and fully protected itinerary enabling you to travel with confidence. Get in touch for more information.

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