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Client blog: Travelling safely during a pandemic

We can all agree that travel post Covid-19 is going to look a little different. But with the ever-changing landscape of rules and regulations, it’s hard to know exactly how many restrictions will be put in place and for how long. Our wonderful client Jaine wanted to dip her toe in the waters and see for herself. Here’s how her trip went...

"We spoke to Julian and booked a trip to Crete for the month of August. We received a QR code after midnight the night before, but didn’t really know what to expect at Stansted Airport.

On arrival, it was very quiet and everyone in the terminal was wearing a mask. Jet 2 staff were on hand to direct us (with gloves and masks on of course) and security was smooth and extremely quick to get through.

Walking through Duty Free was a dream as it was almost empty but all the shops were open. The Windmill Pub had hand gel on entry and forms to fill out before you sat down (to ensure track and trace requirements). The staff were friendly and chatted to us about how all of this had affected them.

On the plane we were told that all the seats and trays had been cleaned and we had to wear face coverings for the whole four-hour flight. There was no queuing for the toilet or getting up and walking around. All in all, I felt safe and comfortable, just like a normal plane journey.

When we arrived in Crete I was asked for my QR code - they do random checks. The transfer was fine - we just had to keep our masks on the whole time and there were also signs in the hotel reception reminding us to wear face coverings and wash our hands frequently. There was also a temperature scanner available for anyone wanting to take extra precautions.

The staff were so friendly and welcoming. We were only bed and breakfast and were served from behind screens, which I guess the staff weren’t too happy about… nor were we truthfully. After a couple of days they knew what we liked for breakfast, so my two coffees and Brian’s hot water with lemon and honey were brought over without asking.

Every now and then, someone came out to measure the distance between sun beds around the pool, as families kept moving them about. We didn’t stay at the pool however, we hired a jeep to travel around.

Going through beautiful old villages, we didn’t see many people wearing masks, but we made sure to put ours on before going into a shop or taverna, out of respect to the locals.

Overall we felt very safe. People were respectful of each other regarding distance, masks and hygiene. The hotel and our room was spotless.

I love Crete and I’m so pleased that Julian found this hidden gem for us to visit. Having taken the leap to go during these uncertain times we are looking forward to doing it again soon.

Thank you to Julian!"


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