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Life in the office

Since graduating from the University of Nottingham with a rather abrupt finish and in between applying for graduate jobs, I have been helping my dad out at Abbotts Travel HQ.

Working in the office this summer hasn’t quite been the experience I was hoping for. Unfortunately there wasn’t a bustling office filled with excited customers looking for their perfect trip away with loved ones.

On the contrary, it has consisted of scheduled appointments with minimal contact, masks, protective sheets and a never-ending list of phone calls.

This summer has understandably been a very different experience for everyone when it comes to travelling abroad. There is so much uncertainty about what destinations are considered safe to visit and we are seeing travel restrictions being introduced and lifted each day.

When the opportunity did arise for people to travel, the excitement was unmistakable as people were eager to book a last-minute get away in the hope that summer wasn’t completely cancelled. However, there is no denying that the unpredictability has meant many, including myself, are finding it difficult to get excited about future trips in the worry of them being cancelled.

Judging by the feedback we have received from those who have managed to get away this summer, their overall experience was fantastic, with gratitude for the non-existent airport queues, abundance of free sunbeds and excellent precautions the hotels had in place.

Travel is such an important part of experiencing what life has to offer, whether that be immersing yourself in unfamiliar cultures, witnessing breathtaking scenery and wildlife, or just being able to spend quality time in the sun with loved ones. I hope that we will overcome this pandemic in the not too distant future, and we can get back to travel as we knew it. There’s definitely so many places I am yet to visit.

I hope everyone is keeping well and safe.


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