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Celebrating 30 years of Sharron

Sharron Roat, manager of Abbotts Travel joined as Senior Travel Consultant in 1994.

"When I returned to the travel industry after having children I wanted to work for an independent and stay local. I spotted an ad in the travel trade press and typed up my CV that night. I was interviewed the next day."

Sharron brought some of the tricks of her previous West End job to the high street.

Back then, the business was different...

"It was still pick 'a' or 'b' from a brochure. We had to write airline tickets and calculate fares manually! The internet revolutionised everything so we had to keep up, to be able to guide people. We reinvented ourselves into more of a luxury, tailor-made agency. I worked with Julian Abbott to build the business forward as a changing industry, so it was important to network."

"I knew she would be a valuable team member. She treats the business like her own, has an amazing networking ability and builds strong business relationships with suppliers." said founder Julian Abbott (now retired).

"I understand the value of networking and enhancing relationships," Sharron says. "Never more so than when problems need to be dealt with. It's so important to get out there and connect with people. I consider that a vital part of what we do and the business. So much hard work has gone into keeping things going and keeping our levels of service at the forefront over the years. It's a huge part of the job, working with the team to keep updated and in touch with clients and suppliers.

"I love my job. I am extremely lucky – I wake up and want to go to work. I have total pride and passion for and in the company. Travel is such a great education with so much to learn. I get the biggest buzz from a satisfied client when their trip has had no glitches and they have great experiences and memories – nothing gives me more pleasure."

The Abbotts Travel team have real admiration for the contribution she makes as a colleague:

"Sharron's attention to detail and very high standards certainly help to make Abbotts Travel the successful busy agent it is today. Her management skills have helped me with confidence and product knowledge," Julie

"Sharron is one of the most hardworking, determined, and inspiring people I've had the pleasure to work with. Sharron’s knowledge and expertise in travel are incredible, and I feel fortunate to have a manager like her. She has the drive and passion to get the best out of the team to ensure we deliver the best service and sustain our renowned reputation. Huge congratulations on your 30th Anniversary at Abbotts Travel," Natalie

"She is very loyal as 30 years shows and will always offer support when needed. She gives customers 100 per cent every time and is an example to follow,” Christine

"Having only worked with Sharron for a short while, she has proven how passionate she is about driving a successful team that works together as one at Abbotts Travel," Rachel

The team enjoyed celebrating with a meal in Piccadilly. Then stole the spotlight on stage, meeting with fellow local Essex girl and actress Lisa Gorgin (Tina Finelli) after a show.

Congratulations Sharron!


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